Character Focus – from Harry Potter

1. Describe the appearance of the character you chosen.
Harry Potter has black curly hair, big glasses, beautiful green eyes, and a scar on his forehead. He is tall and thin.

2. What is the character’s personality?
Harry is very adventurous person. He has strong motivation to become a good wizard. However, he also feels lonely because his parents already died when he was a baby.

3. What is his back story?
When he was a baby, Voldemort killed his parents. He also tried to kill Harry but he couldn’t. Suddenly he disappeared and Harry stayed alive with a scar on his forehead. Before he was told that his parents were wizard, he had lived with his uncle’s family.

4. Do you like, admire, or respect this character?
I like Harry and I somewhat respect him. He is very adventurous and he searches for everything that he wants to know. I’m not that adventurous person so sometimes I think that I should be like him.


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